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Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson has over two decades of experience in various leadership roles and sales positions with both corporations and non-profit organizations in multiple industries. Katie is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Anderson Atwood Consulting, Inc. (AAC) AAC is a private brokerage and consulting company in Denver, Colorado focused on client services, business solutions, strategic benefits integration and business coaching. Katie is passionate about education, teaching and coaching. She has a Bachelors Degree in English with an emphasis in Writing and a Minor in Communication from California State University Channel Islands. She holds two California Teaching Credentials, is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker, a CAP Equation (CECI®) certified coach and DISC behavioral analysis trainer. 

After time in the health and fitness industry, the non-profit sector and a brief stint in the mortgage industry, Katie put in almost ten years of experience in the insurance industry. She worked with multiple carriers and lead a sales team for a Fortune 500® company, producing over ten million dollars in sales, acquiring hundreds of clients and setting records for them in Colorado and a national level. Katie recently decided to co-found AAC with her business partners Chad Atwood and Jason Anderson and she’s enjoying the entrepreneurial journey. Katie is currently in the process of co-authoring three sales performance books, she’s working on her own ‘solo’ book, she’s also training for a marathon. 

Personally, Katie enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado, running races, hiking and camping with her husband Jason and their son, Logan. Katie is a Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor with the NPC and is passionate about health and fitness. Katie can be reached at: (303) 638-5150 or via email at: [email protected]