Kimberly Davis

STRESS and ANXIETY - Simple Ideas to Help You Get Through It

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Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Kwon Davis is a Spiritual Life Coach for empaths who are spiritual leaders, healers and professional helpers who struggle with finding that work life balance, and giving to others before taking care of their own needs, desires and well being. Her mission is to help spiritual leaders, light workers and healers find their own path to healing and wholeness, so they can live the life they want and be happy - without guilt but with peace - so that they can give from a place of abundance and compassion capacity instead of compassion fatigue. 

Kimberly has a Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA and more than 20 years experience as a teacher, pastor, spiritual counselor, reiki master, hospital/hospice chaplain and life coach. 

Her coaching program helps her clients become a Master of their Own Energy, so that their mind, body, spirit and emotional energies are aligned for the next level of healing, wholeness and abundance. With her guidance, Kimberly’s clients learn to heal themselves of their own trauma, guilt and self-doubt to have the confidence needed to take the next steps on their journey. Her clients learn to give to their families, communities and clients from a place of compassion capacity and overflow, so that they can fulfill their own missions on this planet. She helps them reconnect to who they are so that they can prioritize self-care in their personal and professional life, be fully present, and find peace at every crossroads. 

Kimberly has a FREE Facebook group, ”You Come First: Spiritual Fire for Leaders” where she shares tips to keep those fires burning so you can start shifting your mindset to make yourself a priority. She started the group because in her own life, she struggled with helping everyone else before deciding to help herself, and she didn’t have a safe place to ask for help without feeling judged as a Spiritual leader, healer, or lightworker. 

“I knew that if this doesn‘t happen, we suffer from compassion fatigue, burn out, quit or feel like a failure. I knew that if we didn’t start helping ourselves and dare to be selfish, it would easily lead to a life of chronic illness and pain, when you no longer are able to help anyone, and that was my worst nightmare.I know this because I have been there, done that.” 

Kimberly was born with cerebral palsy but didn’t have to walk with a cane or declare herself disabled until her late early 30s when she lived with more than 15 years of chronic illness, pain and disease. She was medical mystery meat to her doctors, with a long list of conditions including fibromyalgia, lupus that affected her kidneys and heart, arthritis, SIJ joint pain, migraines, and more. She ended up on disability and could no longer work. She could no longer help anyone else but herself. 

Kimberly was able to heal herself of almost all her chronic illness and pain. She no longer needs to walk with a cane, or lives in constant pain. She even healed herself of the cerebral palsy, and ended her disability benefits. 

“I help you be at your very best, personally and professionally, as you continue to care for yourself and help others. I help you remember who you are and who you can be - limitless and standing IN-Ability - with all the dreams that are still possible and all the magic within You to create the life You want, while still caring for others in your life.” 

Kimberly has always been a seeker of truth, with experiences in corporate and non profit communications and as a journalist. Kimberly has studied various spiritual paths, even though she was raised in the Protestant Church. Kimberly is a reiki master, a medium, an energy generator, vibration shifter, intuitive and healer.