Marianne Bell

How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

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About Our Speaker

Marianne Bell

Obstacles are Opportunities in Disguise

Marianne Bell is mom to Paige, a 19 year old entrepreneur specializing in creative lifestyle photography, a new entrepreneur specializing in strategic project leader personal growth & development and a full-time technology strategist overseeing the delivery of technology enabled strategic business initiatives at the University of Saskatchewan.

Marianne’s mission is to support the personal growth and leader development the next generation requires to not only thrive in today's world of digital disruption; but, become sought after strategic navigators that make an impact in the lives of the clients they serve by leading strategically aligned projects from any level of the organization to ensure the delivery of  expected results.

In this summit session you will learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities with these three habits: 

  • Acknowledge the current situation and how it makes you feel
  • Accept some obstacles are outside your ability to change
  • Reframe your thinking from wishing things would change to focusing on things that create your best future. 

To learn more about Marianne and how she enables you to follow your dream, create your best future and become the navigator of your life journey, visit