Shawn Douglass

Don't Let The Inner Bully Decide Your Destiny

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About Our Speaker

Shawn Douglass

Shawn is a husband, father, foster dad, zookeeper and serial entrepreneur. He lives in Perrysburg, Ohio with his wife, kids, foster kiddos and a plethora of family pets. Shawn's number 1 passion is helping people discover their true worth and then challenging them to go out and change the world. 

Shawn's message of Hushing The Inner Bully is inspiring people around the world to stand up to the inner voice that keeps them stuck in their comfort zone. 

When he isn't taking care of kids, playing chauffeur, or speaking he loves serving on a local youth theatre board, riding his bike and spending time with his wife. 

Connect with Shawn on facebook or email him @ [email protected]